Papermakers feast on Enumclaw

Graham-Kapowsin should give Camas a greater challenge

Prime time football returned to Doc Harris Stadium Friday, and the Papermakers didn’t disappoint.

Camas scored 49 points in the first half of a 56-0 smashing of Enumclaw in the first round of the state tournament.

“I think we’re peaking at the right time, right now,” said head coach Jon Eagle. “The kids bring the energy, preparation, all those things. It was a pretty good performance on both sides of the ball.”

Quarterback Jack Colletto passed for 291 yards, rushed for 68 yards and scored four touchdowns in the first half.

“Nothing’s really changed for us. We’ve always tried to keep the same mentality going in. It’s a championship game every week,” he said. “Our goal for this week was to have the most enthusiasum out of any other game we’ve had, and I think we showed it tonight.”

With the final seconds ticking down in the first half, Colletto found Drake Owen all alone at the end of the field. Owen snagged a picture perfect pass and took the football into the end zone for a 51-yard touchdown.

“There’s no better feeling to go into halftime with,” Owen said. “We really want to show teams that we can make it all the way this year. We’re not going to let down, or anything.”

Camas forced Enumclaw to punt at the start of the third quarter, and Owen returned it for another 51-yard touchdown.

“Usually reversing the field is a pretty bad idea, but someone got blocked and I saw the opening,” Owen said. “I just strided out and scored. It was good.”

Marcus Gray delivered some big blocks on offense. He also took advantage of the opportunity to play defense Friday.

“All practice this week, we played hard. We got really competive. We even got into it a little bit,” Gray said. “At the end, we loved each other and we said, ‘Let’s bring that to the game,’ and we did.”

Michael Matthews intercepted two passes on defense. He also ran in a touchdown on offense.

“We wanted to send a message in round one, and I think we did just that,” he said. “With how many seniors we got on this team, everybody knows what’s at stake. Nobody wants to leave yet. We love it out here, and we’re going to do everything we can to stay out here.”

Elias Bashir bursted into the end zone for two touchdowns. Colletto carried the ball across the goal line three times.

Besides an interception thrown and a punt, it was a nearly flawless first half for the Papermakers. They know not every playoff game is going to be decided this quickly.

“I have the coach’s curse. I always see the things we can get better at. Everybody else sees the touchdowns,” he said. “It all comes down to attention to detail. Winning masks problems, losing exposes problems, and we haven’t had a chance to lose to expose our issues. I see the issues, even though we’re winning.”

Graham-Kapowsin (9-1) should give Camas (10-0) a greater challenge in the Round of 16 Friday, at Doc Harris Stadium. The Eagles have scored 509 points this season, 42 more points than the Papermakers. This will be the last home game for Camas, regardless the the result. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

“We have put a lot of time, effort and energy into being right here, so let’s enjoy it,” Eagle said. “There are no perfect plays in football. It’s never going to be perfect, but you always work to that end.”