Update: Incumbents win many General Election races

In Clark County, voter turnout has exceeded 73 percent

At the local level, the 2016 General Election is favoring incumbents. Republican candidates running for re-election to their 18th District senator and representative seats and the Third Congressional District U.S. representative position have garnered enough votes to remain in office.

Following Tuesday’s election, another updated list of election results was released Friday evening.

In the race for the 18th District representative seats, incumbent Liz Pike (R) has 56.75 percent of the votes against Kathy Gillespie (D) for Position 2, while incumbent Brandon Vick (R) is topping Justin Oberg (D) for Position 1 by earning 63.34 percent of the votes.

For 18th District state senate, incumbent Ann Rivers (R) is winning handily with 63.73 percent of the vote against Eric Holt (D).

It looks to be a big victory for Eileen Quiring in the Clark County Council District 4 race, as the Republican from Vancouver has 62.39 percent of the vote against Camas resident Roman Battan (D).

The Clark County Council District 3 race, John Blom (R) continues to build on his lead. He currently has 51.22 percent of the vote compared to Tanisha Harris’s (D) 48.78.

In the Third Congressional District race, incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) looks to be on her way to a fourth term. She has 60.84 percent of the vote, as Jim Moeller (D), who currently serves as the state representative for the 49th Legislative District, has 39.16 percent.

In the 14th Legislative District, state senate incumbent Curtis King (R), beat out Amanda Richards (GOP) with 61.53 percent of the votes. For state representative, Norm Johnson (R) is winning with 66.66 percent of the votes against Susan Soto Palmer (D), in the Position 1 race, and Gina McCabe (R) won with 69.14 against John (Eric) Adams (D).

Meanwhile in Skamania County, with 60.49 percent of the votes Tom Lannen (R) is well ahead of opponent Michael Johnson (D) for County Commission Position 2, while Richard Mahar (R) has captured 54.18 percent of the votes against Marie Perez-Gluesenkamp for Position 1.

Skamania County voters also cast their ballots on Proposition 1, which would have implemented a temporary property tax limit increase. It is failing by 66.3 percent.

In Clark County, with 10,500 ballots left to count turnout is listed at 73.24 percent. The next release of election results will be Monday, Nov. 14, at 5 p.m.

In Skamania County, voter turnout is listed at 74.49 percent. There are 107 ballots left to count. Updated results will be made available on Monday, Nov. 14, at 5:30 p.m.