The Vancouver Clinic reserves Washougal land for future growth

Medical group plans to open a clinic in Ridgefield

While The Vancouver Clinic plans to expand into north Clark County, it does not currently have any development timeline for land that it owns in Washougal.

The medical group is leasing Suite 110 in The Crossing, at 291 “C” St. It owns approximately five acres adjacent to that development.

The Vancouver Clinic purchased the land in December 2010, with plans to construct a stand-alone facility.

“The land in Washougal is not available for purchase or lease and is being reserved for future growth,” said Chastell Ely, director of marketing and strategic communications for The Vancouver Clinic.

“We remain very committed to providing care in Washougal and are currently accepting new patients,” she added.

Earlier this year, The Vancouver Clinic’s expansion included leasing the space previously occupied by Stanford Cleaners. The additional 1,013 square feet will allow up to two more providers to work in the clinic.

Family medicine, lab services and radiology, as well as same-day appointments, are available at the Washougal location.

In addition to Heather Nash, a family nurse practitioner and primary care provider, the other providers in the local office are Dr. Katherine Pearson, a primary care physician, and Elizabeth Walton, a family nurse practitioner.

Meanwhile, The Vancouver Clinic recently purchased 2.53 acres at 5515 Pioneer St., Ridgefield.

Construction of the $6.7 million project is expected to be completed in 2018. It will include 10,000 square feet of clinical space, with room to expand up to 30,000 square feet.

In addition to Washougal, The Vancouver Clinic has locations in Vancouver and Battle Ground. For more information, call 882-2778 or visit