Camas storms ahead

Papermakers go on 24-0 surge in the second half

Trailing at halftime for the first time this season, Camas rocked Skyview like a hurricane.

“This was a real football game,” said offensive lineman Caleb Eldred. “Something we’re not used to, but I think we’re getting the hang of it and we’re going to push through it.”

A 9-7 advantage for the Storm evaporated, and a 24-0 surge in the second half propelled Papermakers to a 31-9 victory at Doc Harris Stadium Friday.

“That really showed the true measure of who we are,” said quarterback Jack Colletto. “We were down at half, but in the locker room, no one was freaking out. We were staying the course and we just kept pushing. Second half, it really showed.”

Colletto ran for two touchdowns and connected with Cooper McNatt on a 24-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter. The Papermakers took about 10 minutes off the clock on one drive down the field in the fourth quarter. Michael Boyle finished the deal with a 35-yard field goal.

“Our offensive line, we made the commitment to put the ball on the ground and put the game on their shoulders, and this is how it turned out,” said head coach Jon Eagle.

Eldred shares an everlasting bond with linemen Dakota Napierkowski, JT Tumanuvao, Marcus Gray, Jordan Hows and Grant Jones.

“When we really want it, when we really need it, we can dig it,” Eldred said. “We all know it’s there, we just got to find it. When we all come together, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Skyview kicked off to Camas to begin the second half. McNatt snagged a 33-yard pass from Colletto, and then Colletto ran for a 13-yard touchdown to give the Papermakers a 14-9 lead.

The Camas defense put the squeeze on Skyview and forced a punt. Ryan Rushall returned the kick to the 35-yard line to get the Papermakers into scoring position again. Colletto ran for nine yards across the goal line for his third touchdown. He finished the game with 139 rushing and 110 passing yards.

“Being able to play four quarters like that, especially pound the ball and waste the clock, it will pay off a lot,” Colletto said. “Our O-line works hard every day, and it really shows on the field.”

Skyview quarterback Brody Barnum kept giving Camas the slip in the first half. Tanner Howington finally got a hold of Barnum’s leg and tripped him up for a third down. Dylan Ingram then bowled over the running back on fourth down to get the ball back for Camas.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what they were going to do or what side they were going to run the ball,” Ingram said. “Fortunately, they ran to my side and I got through. It was fun.”

After Colletto ran for two first downs, he fired a touchdown pass to McNatt to put the Papermakers up by 19 points.

“It’s rewarding to see them get a first down and say ‘hey, that’s because of us. Let’s keep getting it,'” Eldred said.

Once again, Camas stopped Skyview on fourth down. The Papermakers ran down the clock in the final quarter, kicked a field goal and celebrated another big victory in front of their hometown.

“I’ll remember that last drive,” Eldred said. “They quit. They gave up. We stuck it to them.”

Camas improves to 6-0 overall and 2-0 in league. The Papermakers play Heritage today, at 4:30 p.m., at McKenzie Stadium.