Clark College to offer welding certification tests

Students will have the opportunity to pay a reduced fee

Clark College’s welding technology program is now offering its students certification tests that are approved by the Washington Association of Building Officials, and required for welding professionals doing code work in Washington State.

The 3G Limited Certification and the 3G and 4G Unlimited Certification, are normally administered outside of a student’s academic institution at private facilities.

Each test generally costs between $350 and $500. However, students and recent graduates now have the option of taking the tests at Clark College for $230 (3G Limited) or $280 (3G and 4G Unlimited).

Welding professionals in the community can also take the tests at Clark, but are not eligible for the student pricing.

“We believe this move will help our students be even more competitive out in the job market,” said welding technologies instructor Brian McVay. “Already we’ve had four students receive their certifications through Clark and they tell us it’s expanded their options tremendously to be able to say they’re code-certified.”

Anyone interested in taking the certification tests at Clark may contact McVay at or 992-2359.