Downtown Camas hit by string of burglaries

Some evidence is found in stolen car in Beaverton area

A vehicle pursuit in the Beaverton, Oregon area has resulted in the discovery of evidence from some of the recent burglaries involving downtown Camas businesses.

Tuesday, at approximately 12:20 a.m., Camas Police were advised that Washington County Sheriff deputies had been in a vehicle pursuit in the Beaverton area.

During the pursuit, deputies lost site of the vehicle but found it a short time later after it had been involved in a collision. The occupant(s) fled and were not located.

Inside the car was evidence of the burglaries. The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Vancouver on Feb. 6.

Camas Police investigators are currently examining all of the evidence.

Businesses affected by break-ins early Monday morning included Artkana, 415 N.E. Fourth Ave., Cake Happy, 340 N.E. Fourth Ave., Dance Evolution, 334 N.E. Fourth Ave., The Wild Hair, 418 N.E. Cedar St., and Happy Island Restaurant, 419 N.E. Cedar St.

One or more individuals rummaged through some file cabinets in a back space that Attic Gallery, 421 N.E. Cedar St., shares with Happy Island. Nothing was taken from the gallery.

Frank Lednicky, pastor of Journey Community Church, said the church building at 304 N.E. Fourth Ave., was not broken into.

His office is located above Dance Evolution.

“The suspect(s) rifled through things, but I can’t see that anything is missing of any value,” Lednicky said. “A small amount of cash was on my desk.”

There was an attempted break-in at Straub’s Funeral Home, 325 N.E. Third Ave., but the suspect(s) did not make it inside, according to owner Chris Dierickx.

Most of the burglaries involved smashed windows.

Cash, credit cards and an iPad were stolen from Arktana.

Aspen Tufares, co-owner of Dance Evolution, said approximately $40 in cash was taken, along with company checks and the business’ cell phone.

Cash and a cash register were taken from Cake Happy.

Jyl Straub, owner of The Wild Hair, said a checkbook and $20 in change were taken.

“It was just a great big mess, and the broken door was the worst of it,” she said.

On Feb. 8, the front door of Caffe Piccolo, 400 N.E. Fourth Ave., was smashed. Electronics and an undisclosed amount of money were taken.

After the Downtown Camas Association held an emergency meeting Monday, some merchants signed up to patrol downtown streets at night.

If anyone has information about the break-ins, they are encouraged to call the CPD at 834-4151 and speak with an officer during business hours or call 911 after hours.