Growth Area to focus on low-density uses

Retail, commercial activity will be concentrated in the downtown district of Washougal

The Washougal City Council has approved the adoption of a revised comprehensive plan map and zoning map and regulations for its Northwest Urban Growth Area.

The documents are initially only effective for the areas that are located in the city, but they will serve as guides for continued work with Clark County to update the areas in Washougal’s UGA and for future properties that may seek annexation into the city.

A plan map amendment will convert 66 acres of industrial and 14 acres of public facilities-designated land to urban low density residential.

The Northwest UGA Preferred Alternative, which includes sidewalks and a multi-use trail system, implements residential densities with lot sizes ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet. These zones permit single-family residential, adult family homes, cottage housing, duplexes, manufactured homes and townhouses/zero lot line units in planned unit developments.

Developments will be required to connect to the city’s public water and sewer systems.

A report, submitted by BergerABAM, said the conversion of land uses in the UGA — from a mix of employment, business park, commercial, multi-family and low-density residential — to entirely low-density residential was a decision by stakeholders, the Washougal Planning Commission and City Council to support the development of downtown as the commercial core of the city.

Connections to the existing city road system will occur in multiple locations including at Southeast 30th Circle, Southeast 23rd Street/Crown Road, West Ninth and Seventh streets and Southeast 30th Street.

Recommendations, to accommodate additional demands on the transportation system, include the addition of turn lanes to the intersection of Southeast 283rd Avenue/23rd Street and Southeast Crown Road/30th Circle.

Also recommended is the addition of two westbound and two eastbound through lanes at the intersection of Washougal River Road and “E” Street.

A petition, circulated by Ken Navidi and John Spencer, mentions concerns about traffic and utility impacts to the Crown Road area as developments occur on top of Woodburn Hill.

It has more than 100 signatures.