Helping others

Eight-year-old raises $330 to purchase presents for kids in need

When third-grader Juliet Collins learned that some children don’t receive gifts for Christmas, she wanted to help.

She and mom Sarah joined forces to create beaded bracelets, which they sold via social media.

“It made me feel really good to help people,” Juliet said.

Two years later, the duo has progressed to handmade cards and ornaments. Sarah purchased the materials, and Juliet spent two months making the items, which netted them $330.

The money was used purchase gifts for kids ranging in age from babies to teens, and donated the items to the Salvation Army in Washougal.

“We wanted the gifts to stay local,” noted Sarah.

Added Juliet, “It makes me feel happy to shop for the presents. I feel really sad for kids who don’t get anything on Christmas.”

The Cape Horn-Skye Elementary School student is an avid reader and crafter. She hopes to continue using her talents to benefit others.

“I feel an extreme amount of pride in her,” Sarah said. “She is always thinking of other people and doing kind things. That is just who she is.”