Public works employees show commitment to the communities they serve

On Tuesday night, in what seemed like a flash out of nowhere, the winds picked up and heavy snow began to fall.

By early morning, according to the National Weather Service up to 10 inches of snow had slammed down in the highest elevations of the cities of Camas and Washougal and unincorporated Clark County.

Early predictions called for a mere 2 to 4 inches. But it turned out to be the biggest winter storm to hit the area in years.

Classes and activities were canceled. Local businesses closed their doors.

While many of us have the enviable option of staying home when these kinds of extra-ordinary weather events happen, for some it is when storms hit that they must work the hardest. Among them are the dedicated public works employees working for entities including cities, counties and utility companies.

Their snow plows, sanding trucks, de-icers and utility vehicles can be seen traveling local roads at all hours of the day and night.

They are working hard so that the rest of us can safely navigate local roadways, have uninterrupted electricity and heat and enjoy the comforts of home, if we so choose.

They are demanding jobs that aren’t always pretty, fun or appreciated as they should be.

Particularly during these times of extreme weather, we extend our thanks to these committed public works employees for the incredible jobs they do.