PLEXSYS acquires ImmersaView

Corporate headquarters will remain in Camas

A Camas-based corporation has acquired the shares of all ImmersaView companies.

The headquarters of PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc., will remain at 4900 N.W. Camas Meadows Drive, while ImmersaView will add staff to its Orlando, Florida and Brisbane, Australia offices to expand business development and product development capacity. ImmersaView also has offices in Sydney and London.

According to the PLEXSYS website, the corporation specializes in modeling and simulation systems and support services for air, land and sea synthetic training. Its concentrations include the development of Live Virtual Constructive environment generation technologies used throughout U.S. Air Force Distributed Mission Operations and other joint and international high fidelity simulations.

PLEXSYS also provides mission briefing and after-action-review technologies, as well as Live Virtual Constructive synthetic communications training solutions.

According to a press release, ImmersaView has evolved to become a global leader in visualization software.

“This merger brings together 30 years of PLEXSYS and 10 years of ImmersaView successes,” said PLEXSYS Chief Executive Officer Ron “Opie” Wiegand. “Integrating ImmersaView’s advanced display and video/audio/data After Action Review software technologies brings innovation and efficiency to service, joint and combined readiness training.”

Dr. Andy Boud, director and co-founder of ImmersaView with CEO Dr. Alex Streit, said simulator and operations centers will have the opportunity for more cost efficient and better display capabilities.

Streit said greater emphasis will be placed on U.S., Australian and United Kingdom defense and commercial markets.

PLEXSYS relocated its corporate headquarters from Portland to the Camas Meadows Corporate Center in 2005. Its customers have included the U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing.