Second round of adventure

Skamania Lodge Adventure Park opens in August

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A new adventure park is currently being constructed at Skamania Lodge, in Stevenson, Wash. There will be different routes to take and a variety of obstacles to tackle. This photo shows a canoe suspended between two trees. People will have to shimmy across while the canoe sways like it's in water.

Skamania Lodge Zip Line Tour Operations Manager Shayne Large is turning the adventure concept on its head.

His mad scientist’s dream of an adventure park is coming to life up in the Douglas Fir trees that surround the 175-acre playground in Stevenson. The lodge is about 30 miles east of Camas and Washougal.

“We’re calling it Swiss Family Robinson meets American Ninja Warrior in the trees,” Large said. “It does have an Ewok Village feel to it up there. We’re pretty excited to hear feedback from our customers, see what’s popular and expand from there.”

Construction on this obstacle course started at the beginning of the month. One section of the track is complete and new elements are popping up every day. Synergo, a company in Tigard, Oregon, specializes in building these kinds of courses.

Large and his staff hope to open this adventure park up to visitors during August. There could be as many as 25 obstacles to tackle, as well as novice, intermediate and advanced routes to choose from.

“I think somebody could do all three sections in a few hours, depending on their personal skill level, balance and agility,” Large said. “Some people might spend a couple hours on one element. And, some people might find one they really like and do it over and over again.”

Freedom of choice is one of the perks of this park.

“Even though there might be 25 elements, there are hundreds of options of what you could do out there at any time,” Large said.

He added that the base price for the adventure park will be $35 an hour. There also will be a special rate for groups and families. To make a reservation, call 509-427-0202.

“I hope it opens up new doors to people exploring things they haven’t tried before,” Large said. “Mostly, just getting out and interacting off the grid. No electronics. Just people in the elements, in the trees and the fresh air.”

If somebody wants to see what a canoe looks like in the trees, they will find one at the Skamania Lodge Adventure Park.

“It kind of goes with the whole Lewis and Clark expedition on the river,” Large said. “You start at one end and cruise through. It’s going to sway a little bit, just like you’re on the water. You got to step over the crossbars and the seats. Or, you could just sit in there and pretend you’re floating on a cloud.”

Large said the adventure park should be a fun, healthy and challenging alternative to the zip line tour. Safety remains the No.1 priority.

“We started zipping in 2013. I first drew up this concept in 2014,” Large said. “Of course, the lodge wanted to see good performance and track record. We’ve had a 100 percent successful safety record. They said, ‘Let’s go to the next phase and see what we can do.'”

This new obstacle course could prove when it comes to adventure at Skamania Lodge, the possibilities are endless.

“Weather permitting, we’ll have people playing up here year-around,” Large said. “Maybe one day, you’ll be able to access the whole couple hundred acres through the trees — Ewok style.”