Nettie Morris supports youth activities, dog park and larger library

Morris is a candidate for Washougal City council, Position 6

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A retired cosmetologist who has worked for the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society and volunteered for Future Business Leaders of America is one of three candidates for Washougal City Council, Position 6.

Nettie Morris, 67, has lived in Washougal since 2005.

“I love the small town atmosphere,” she said. “We’re growing and keeping that small-town feel.

“We have amazing schools,” Morris added. “That’s why I chose to have exchange daughters, from Vietnam, Brazil and Germany.”

Morris said she appreciates being able to purchase pretty much anything, including lumber and groceries, in Washougal. Morris enjoys walking in the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and she looks forward to the development of the former Hambleton Lumber Company property, next to Washougal Waterfront Park.

She recently went on a ride-along with a Washougal police officer, and said she appreciates the “dedicated officers and the way they interact with the public.”

“We have a top-notch police department, and I’m proud of the work they do,” Morris added.

She wants to make sure members of the Washougal Police Department and the Camas-Washougal Fire Department have all they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

“I want to ensure we have enough police and fire, to adequately serve the citizens when needed,” Morris said.

She is married to Rod Morris, who served on the Washougal City Council for a total of 16 years.

“I attended many of his meetings,” Morris said. “I’m pretty up to date with how the council runs.”

She commends city of Washougal employees for doing a great job of bringing information to the council.

“Before anything is brought to a vote, it is well researched and all the information is brought to the council, so they have an opportunity to think it over and make the best possible decision for the citizens,” Morris said.

She moved from Yamhill, Oregon, to Washougal, 12 years ago.

“One thing that makes me a prime candidate is how long I’ve lived in the city, and I’ve been active in the city,” Morris said. “I’m not a newcomer to the city.”

“I would hit the ground running,” she added. “I am a go-getter. I always have been. I intend to listen and research and then make intelligent decisions. I would work tirelessly to ensure Washougal remains the jewel of Clark County.”

Morris said she is very interested in moving forward with a new library, and she would like to see the continuation of support for the arts in Washougal.

Morris would like the city to sponsor events and activities for children to keep them active, engaged and proud of their community.

“They are our future leaders,” she said. “There should be interesting things in the community for them to take part in.”

Morris also wants to work on trying to find a new home for a dog park.

The Washougal-based Donald and Angeline Stevenson off-leash dog park — the only one in the Camas-Washougal area — closed April 28.

“My dogs loved the dog park, and we’re not far from it,” she said. “They really miss it.”

Morris is a former co-manager of the WCGHS dog shelter. She adopted “Hannah,” a small, mixed-breed, 7-year-old dog from the WCGHS eight years ago.

After graduating from a two-year program at Beaverton Beauty School, in Beaverton, Oregon, Morris was a cosmetologist from 1969 to 1980.

She held a campaign kick-off event on May 31, at Los Dos Compadres Cantina, followed by a picnic basket lunch fundraiser on June 17 at Upper Hathaway Park, to generate money for the Camas Days Grand Parade entry fee.