Tutor Doctor Camas provides academic assistance

Company helps students of all ages meet learning goals

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With the new school year underway, some parents are realizing that their children could benefit from receiving extra help to understand subjects such as math and science.

Dustin Piercy, of Camas, owns Tutor Doctor Camas, a business that provides tutoring services for students of all ages. His company offers a free consultation with each potential student, to confirm the student’s — as well as their parents’ — tutoring goals.

Piercy also conducts learning-style and subject-matter assessments.

“We try and get to know the student beyond the subject they are wanting support,” Piercy said. “We look at their hobbies, extracurricular activities, future goals and college and career aspirations. We want to know as much about our students as possible, to make sure we match them with the best tutor.”

Piercy said tutor matching focuses on subject matter, availability, learning style, personality and any specific requirements of the family.

“Some families request only female tutors or want a young, hip tutor, while others want a seasoned tutor or a certified teacher,” he said.

Tutoring services are available for students in kindergarten through college.

“Our youngest student was 7 years old, and our oldest was an adult in her late 30s going back for her master’s degree,” Piercy said.

The most requested tutoring subjects are math and English. The local tutors also work in French, Japanese, Spanish, history, science, art, computer skills and SAT and ACT test preparation.

Piercy said he can recruit tutors in specialized subjects such as quantum physics, if needed.

There are currently 14 tutors working for Tutor Doctor Camas, and Piercy said he is always interviewing and hiring additional tutors to meet the demand in the community.

He opened Tutor Doctor Camas in December 2016. It is part of the Tutor Doctor franchise, which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and has locations in 15 countries.

Piercy previously worked as a manager of The Vancouver Clinic, a practice administrator for SCL Health in Colorado, and was a clinical manager for Colorado Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine. As an adjunct professor for College America in Denver, he taught medical specialities courses and tutored students.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force for more than four years, Piercy received an associate of applied science degree at Cambridge College in Boston. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and healthcare, and a master’s degree in healthcare administration and management at Colorado Technical University.

Regarding tutoring, Piercy said anyone can be taught, they simply need the individual who is able to teach them in way that they can comprehend.

“They also need individualized attention,” he said. “Our schools have really amazing teachers who often go unappreciated. However, the learning cannot stop when a student leaves the classroom. Our school teachers don’t always have the capacity to sit with every student individually. There is just not enough hours in the day. Our goal is to partner with the student, family, teacher and tutor to achieve success. These are all important players in the process.”

For more information about Tutor Doctor Camas, call 360-810-5058, email or visit