New company wants to help ‘grow’ businesses

Owner Ron Johnson has consulted for big brands, including Lego and Toyota

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Ron Johnson (left), owner of Grow Camas, meets with Heena Dwivedy (right), president of the Downtown Washougal Association (DWA) in Washougal Town Square.

When Ron Johnson created his new digital marketing agency, Grow Camas, in April, he quickly realized some Washougal business owners were unhappy with the new business’ name.

Johnson, a Camas resident for four years, said he was going to name his home-based business Grow, but thought that was too vague.

“I didn’t think of Washougal as separate from Camas, so it didn’t occur to me that using the name with Camas would be a problem,” he said. “I’ve since registered Grow Washougal alongside Grow Camas and use both names depending on (whom) I’m talking to.”

If prospective customers visit, they will be redirected to

Sometimes, Johnson will say “Grow Camas-Washougal” to reinforce that he is working for businesses in both cities.

The new business promotes businesses and business-related events throughout the area.

For instance, Johnson is currently creating a website for the Downtown Washougal Association (DWA), and recently volunteered to post images of gnomes online after children and teens customized coloring book sheets during the Downtown Camas Association’s First Friday event in early May.

“I’m volunteering my time to help bring more value to First Friday for the DCA,” Johnson said. “For me, it’s about being active in my community alongside other businesses.The scanning and uploading to a website ties in a bit to what we do at Grow.”

One of Johnson’s recent marketing ideas, meant to promote businesses in downtown Camas, included giving Camas Hotel guests a key ring of coupons to use during their stay in the area. Camas Hotel and Lisa L? Properties created the promotion and are still seeking merchant partners. Johnson has volunteered to assist any business owner who needs help with their logo, the image for the front of the coupon or anything else related to the promotion, free of charge.

In addition to website design and development, Grow Camas provides email marketing, search marketing, search advertising and search engine optimization services. Johnson also offers help with brand development strategies and designing logos, brochures, catalogs, point-of-sales materials and packaging.

He has more than 15 years experience in product development and creating web and mobile applications.

“The primary focus of my work has been customer acquisition and retention — attracting new customers to a product and developing strategies to keep those customers coming back,” Johnson said.

He has worked as an employee and consultant on brands such as Mazda, Lego, Toyota Financial Services, Murad Skincare and IGN Entertainment.

For more information about Grow Camas, call 503-662-8085 or email