Sister City delegates visit Camas

Monika Malicka, director of sport, culture and promotion in Morawica, Poland (center), visits with Camas Sister City Organization Treasurer Carolee Dewars, Camas City Councilwoman Shannon Turk and Todd Dewars (from left to right), April 27, at Lacamas Lake Lodge, in Camas. Delegates from Krapkowice and Zabierzów, Poland, are visiting Southwest Washington for a week.

Seven delegates from Camas’ three sister cities in Poland received a warm welcome during a reception, April 27, at Lacamas Lake Lodge.

Five of them had arrived the day before from Krapkowice, Morawica and Zabierzów, and all seven will stay through Tuesday, May 8.

Former Polish Chief Justice Jerzy Stępień performed “What a Wonderful World “ on a saxophone during the reception.

Presentations by the delegates featured images of business sites, pools, parks, regional celebrations, motocross, soccer games and historic buildings.

Zuzanna Albrzykowska, 19, missed her high school graduation ceremony in Zabierzów, to return to Camas for the first time since 2015.

Albrzykowska, a three-time attendee at English language camps in Poland, said the sister city program teaches tolerance and understanding and breaks cultural and language barriers.

During their stay in Camas, the Polish visitors have seen the Camas Lily fields, the Washougal River, the Vancouver waterfront development and Hillsboro, Oregon.

Washougal City Administrator David Scott and his wife, Julie, hosted two Polish delegates in 2013, and they are providing hospitality to two other sister city representatives this week.

David Scott said they support the sister city relationships that Camas has, and they are personally supportive of former Camas City Administrator Lloyd Halverson as he facilitates the program.

“We are happy to be a small part of making the delegate’s visit enjoyable and welcoming them to our country and community,” David Scott said. “Professionally, it is very rewarding to engage with local government leaders from Poland and to exchange ideas and learn from each other. It is also a fun experience “

Washougal City Councilwoman Ray Kutch and his wife, Judy, hosted a reception for the Polish delegates at their home Sunday, April 29.

They are planning to travel to Poland this summer.

Ray Kutch’s father was born in Poland.

“I spoke Polish as my second language as a child and am trying to re-learn the language,” he said. “It is much more difficult than I anticipated. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to our trip.”