Steamboat Landing dock to open by summer

Washougal company awarded $1.13 million contract

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Washougal's Steamboat Landing dock is pictured in May 2018. (Post-Record file photo)

Area residents who enjoy fishing, birdwatching or just relaxing on the Steamboat Landing dock in Washougal will be happy to know the dock, closed for nearly two years, should be replaced and ready for use again by summer.

A winter storm caused part of the dock, located at state Route 14 and 14th Street, to float down the Columbia River in January 2017.

Washougal Parks and Cemetery Program Manager Suzanne Grover said at that time too much ice tore the dock into two pieces.

The Washougal City Council has awarded a $1.13 million contract to Ballard Marine Construction of Washougal — the low-bidder among six companies that responded to the city’s request for proposals — to repair the dock and replace the pilings.

The city will pay for the dock replacement using $750,000 from 2018 supplemental capital budget funds approved by state legislators in March 2018, and $750,000 from the Washington Cities Insurance Authority. The city’s engineering estimate predicted replacement would cost $1.3 million. The city has access to funds in excess of what it will likely cost to replace the dock.

The project will include the removal of approximately 600 feet of the timber-framed floating dock, 40-foot aluminum gangway, timber gangway abutment, 12-inch diameter steel guide piles and timber piles, and the installation of approximately 500 feet of new aluminum-framed floating dock, 18-inch diameter guide piles, a fixed gangway support pier and new aluminum gangways with concrete abutment.

Washougal City Engineer Rob Charles said the project will likely start in January 2019. He told city council members during their Nov. 5 workshop that several sections of the approximately 26-year-old dock have dry rot. The dock replacement is expected to last 40 to 50 years, according to Charles.

“We’ll be making a lot of people very happy,” Washougal Mayor Molly Coston said, after Charles’ presentation.

In a separate project, the observation deck foundation and decking, near the Steamboat Landing dock, will be rebuilt. Replacement of the observation deck is estimated to cost $20,000 to $30,000, and the foundation repair will cost $5,366.