Toxic blue-green algae warning at two Camas lakes

Public urged to avoid water at Lacamas Lake, Round Lake

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Police found the body of a missing Vancouver woman in Camas' Lacamas Lake, pictured, on Tuesday, Oct. 27. (Post-Record file photo)

Having already issued a blue-green algae advisory for Round Lake in Camas earlier in the week, the Clark County Public Health Department has now added a second Camas lake to the warning.

The public should avoid direct contact with water at both Round and Lacamas lakes during the cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, bloom. According to the health department, the algae “produce toxins that can be harmful to people and deadly for small pets that drink the water.”

The health department posted warning signs around Round Lake on Tuesday, after a citizen reported spotting an algae bloom in the water.

Today, the department also posted signs around Lacamas Lake, after Public Health staff found another bloom in that body of water. The department has not yet received results from water-sample testing at the Camas lakes.

Health officials recommend people have no contact with the water in the bloom areas and keep pets completely away from the lakes. Fish caught in either Round or Lacamas lakes should be thoroughly cleaned and fish organs discarded.

Health officials will continue to monitor both lakes and update signs as conditions change.

Lacamas Regional Park and Heritage Park remain open. Water in park restrooms and shelters is not impacted by the algae bloom.

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