Letter to the Editor for Jan. 17, 2019

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Reader challenges Herrera Beutler’s concept of ‘far left’

This month Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler disseminated a fundraising email that read in part: “The far left won’t let up. Carolyn Long has already said she plans to take on Jaime again and her allies will keep attacking Jaime for the next two years.”

I challenge Herrera Beutler’s characterization of Democratic Congressional candidate Carolyn Long’s positions as “far left.”

Herrera Beutler needs to drop the name-calling and endorse measures to address climate change and other forms of environmental degradation, protect Medicare and Social Security, strengthen and extend the Affordable Care Act and broaden background checks related to the purchase of firearms. Far left positions? I don’t think so.

Ellen Sward, Vancouver

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