Letter to the Editor for March 21, 2019

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Time to address poverty in America

Thanks for meeting the gun/school safety issues we face head on with an editorial. (“We didn’t start the ‘far right’ fire” in the Camas-Washougal Post-Record, Feb. 21, 2019.) I was not too surprised at all the responses from the earlier article, but saddened that we aren’t addressing the crisis of basic needs for 40 percent of Americans who live in poverty or are one $400 financial crisis away.

Affordable housing, homelessness, hunger, lack of health care and working for poverty level wages all have solutions. We can demand these frontline tragedies be dealt with. How? Our voices. Our calls, letters and visits to those who represent us can make sure they focus on solutions to these real problems. Remember, one in five children in our country live in poverty. That is not the way to a bright future. Citizens who guide their representatives to deal with these problems is the way to a stronger democracy and a better life for all Americans.

Willie Dickerson, Snohomish

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