Certificated staff deserve recognition

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By Mary Templeton, Guest Columnist

Our Washougal teachers are at the “heart” of this district’s success and we are thankful for their dedication and commitment to our students.

We value and appreciate the entire team of educators, but would like to highlight the unique investment that our certificated staff — including teachers, librarians, counselors, nurses and school psychologists — make in the lives of our children.

The week of May 6-10 has been designated as “Certificated Staff Appreciation Week,” and how fitting that we are able to celebrate the important role that our teachers play in helping us realize our vision for excellence and high performance. Our certificated employees work tirelessly to ensure that all of our students are successful.

Research is clear that teachers matter … and they matter tremendously. An excellent teacher has the power to influence success outcomes for a lifetime. Regardless of political influence or social change, teachers have always been the “heroes” in our society. It is the teacher who is the “molder of dreams,” the “shaper of future success.” Our teachers inspire us, challenge us, encourage us, educate us and love us.

This is true service, and I am proud to not only be a teacher but to lead our troupe of teachers in the Washougal School District.

The Washougal School District is in the process of finalizing and adopting a five-year strategic plan, which will set our path to see our district rising to be one of the top performing school districts in the state of Washington. We have a vision to see all of our children known, nurtured and challenged to rise. With our team of excellent teachers, we are confident that we will achieve this success. Together, working as a team and valuing our educators, we can see Washougal rise to the top. Our future is bright.

Mary Templeton is the superintendent of the Washougal School District.