Shop Local Gift Guide

Shopping for the holidays? Keep your dollars in Camas-Washougal this holiday season

Arktana in downtown Camas carries a wide array of women's boots, shoes, jewelry, purses and other accessories. (Photos by Kelly Moyer/Post-Record)

The Naturally Healthy Pet store has a wide selection of holiday themed goodies for pets and pet lovers on your holiday list.

At right, cutline goes here and here and here and here and here and here. (Photos by Kelly Moyer/Post-Record)

An ornament by artist Terri Axness hangs inside Attic Gallery in Camas.

Tote bags by artist Sandra Jones Campbell are sold at Attic Gallery in Camas.

(Post-Record file photo) The Pendleton Mill Store in Washougal pictured in November 2019. The mill store and 108-year-old Pendleton woolen mill are located at 2 Pendleton Way in Washougal. The company confirmed today that a mill employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

Aaron Lutz, owner of Lutz Hardware in Camas, shows the LED Dimmable Blow Lantern.

This powerfully bright Slyde flashlight is sold at Lutz Hardware in Camas.

Japanese silver leaf earrings by artist Leslie McMillan are sold at Attic Gallery in Camas.

Warm hearts (and heads) with these CC Beanies, sold at Allure Boutique in Camas.

The Pendleton store at 2 Pendleton Way in Washougal offers a huge assortment of gift ideas for every person on the holiday shopping list -- from woolen blankets and home goods to clothing, backpacks, gloves, hats and scarves.

Hashi ceramic bowls by artist Ted Norris make a great gift idea for the foodies on your holiday shopping list. The bowls are sold at Attic Gallery in downtown Camas.

Ceramic birds by artist Christy Runyan are sold at Attic Gallery in downtown Camas.

"Treats with a purpose" from Naturally Healthy Pets make good gifts for pet lovers.

The "Spicy Collection" of oils and vinegar from Navidi's in Camas.

A basket filled with pasta, sea salt and olive oils from Navidi's in downtown Camas.

There are only seven weeks left in 2019, which means the holiday gift-giving season is rapidly sneaking up on us.

Haven’t bought a gift for every person on your list? Haven’t even started? No need to panic: We’ve put together a local gift guide to help you find that perfect — locally purchased in Camas or Washougal — gift for even the hardest-to-buy-for folks on your holiday shopping list.

For the Fashionistas

There is no shortage of shops in Camas and Washougal (especially downtown Camas) for the fashionable folks on your holiday shopping list. Some of our favorite holiday gift ideas include:

Clothes from another era: For those on your list who wish they’d been born in another time, just so they could rock the clothes of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, a trip to Chameleon Vintage and Vinyl at 1887 Main St., Suite D, in downtown Washougal, is a good idea this holiday season. The shop carries a nice variety of vintage clothing for women and men as well as vintage shoes and vintage-inspired jewelry. Owner Tracy Lanciault says her shop is particularly popular with teen girls hoping to find a unique and memorable dress for prom and winter formal dances. Prices, sizes and selection varies.

If you’re shopping for a (female) shoe lover, Arktana, at 415 N.E. Fourth Ave., in downtown Camas, has a wide assortment of the latest shoes and boots in styles not easily found anywhere else in Southwest Washington. The store also carries a variety of purses, jewelry (including some locally made jewelry), clothing and accessories. Some of our favorites include: the gold leather “Amelia” tote by Latico; the “Patsy” backpack by BED/STU that converts from a backpack to a crossbody bag; a pair of 8-eye red boots by Unity.In.Diversity that are equal parts cozy and head-turning; a pair of Cordani leopard boots by that will, as the younger fashionistas might say, help you “slay” when you walk down the street; and bling (necklaces and matching earrings) designed by local jewelry artist Deborah Funches for her Shift Accessories line in her downtown Camas studio. Prices vary. The items we listed above retail from $70 for a piece of jewelry to about $200 for a pair of leather boots to around $300 for the largest backpack/purses.

Other fashionista goodies can be found just a few steps away from Arktana at Allure Boutique, located at 407 N.E. Fourth Ave., in downtown Camas. The store is packed with sparkly jewelry that will thrill your fashion-conscious friends without breaking your bank account. Some of our favorite pieces include the totally blinged-out Urbanista bead bracelets, which retail for less than $10 each and the Element Creations earrings that retail for $22 to $65. If you’re looking for some warm winter clothing to gift your fashionista, Allure Boutique has a huge selection of CC Beanies, with poms and without that retail for $20 to $26; and a nice selection of sweaters, turtlenecks and hoodies. We especially liked the black Olive + Oak “Teddy” hoodie, which retails for under $75 and looks like it will keep the cold out without sacrificing style.

If your fashionistas are craving a unique shopping tote, look no further than the Attic Gallery in downtown Camas, where the $45 tote bags designed and signed by artist Sandra Jones Campbell are so stylish they might make the goods that go inside them jealous.

For the Pets (and the Pets’ Humans)

Whether you’re shopping for your own fur babies or buying a gift for the pet lover in your life, Naturally Healthy Pet, located at 335 N.E. Fifth Ave., in downtown Camas, has you covered. Some of the shop’s fun new gift ideas include “Yeti Dog Treats” and “Himalayan Dog Chew Bones” made from yak’s milk by Himalayan yak farmers. The “bones” are compressed yak’s milk cheese that is all natural, with no preservatives or additives. Great for “power chewing” dogs and those pups who like to savor their treats. The treats are just a just a puffed version of the yak’s milk cheese and make for a natural, healthy snack for your favorite canine member of the family. The shop even carries a stuffed Yeti dog toy — throw a Himalayan bone, a bag of Yeti treats and a Yeti stuffed toy into a box and you’ve got a creative themed gift. The bones and treats vary in price, with a range of about $4 to $19.

Some other pet-lover gift options at Naturally Healthy Pet include:

“Treats with a Purpose” — This is what the shop’s co-owner Dore Jean Blaske calls pet treats that are tasty but also help with things like sore joints, upset tummies and cold season. Some of our favorites include the Dogswell jerky treats, which include a chicken breast version with glucosamine, chondroitin and New Zealand green mussel for hip and joint care and a “mini jerky” duck recipe that includes flaxseed oil, vitamins E and A and turmeric to help boost your pup’s immune system.

Hip holiday fun: Let’s face it: there are few things cuter than holiday-themed toys and hats for our pets — even the Grinch dressed his dog up for Christmas — and Naturally Healthy Pet has a wide selection of holiday toys, clothes and stockings. Check out the “Naughty” and “Nice” bone-shaped toys made with natural materials. Prices vary.

If you’re buying for an animal lover, but don’t want to be too on-the-nose with a gift for that person’s pet, stop by the Attic Gallery, at 421 N.E. Cedar St., also in downtown Camas, and check out the “From the Farm” animal-themed ornaments by artist Terri Axness. These sweet critters, which are priced in the $35 to $50 range, are sure to hold a special place on any animal-lover’s Christmas tree. And, if the animal lover on your list loves winged creatures more than furry ones, the gallery has some beautiful ceramic birds by artist Christy Runyan in stock right now. Those retail for about $60 each.

For the Foodies

For the folks on your list who love tasting new flavors and baking up new creations, nothing beats Navidi’s, a specialty food store located at 322 N.E. Cedar St., in downtown Camas. Here you will find a vast selection of olive and nut oils, vinegars, hand-crafted pastas, flavored sea salts, Oregon-grown meats and loose teas.

The folks at Navidi’s can help you choose one unique gift item or put together a whole basket of goodies. Some of our favorites include:

* The Spicy Collection (Under $35): a gift box of six smaller version of Navidi’s spicy oils and vinegars, including the Harissa Olive Oil, Chipotle Olive Oil and Jalapeno Balsamic.

* Flavored Sea Salts (prices vary): There are dozens to choose from at Navidi’s but favorites include the Roasted Garlic, Toasted Onion, Thai Ginger and Smoked Serrano. Smaller jars sell for $8 to $10 each.

* Locally hand-crafted pastas (Under $10): Pick up a bag of the dark red Cabernet-Merlot Fettucine to add some color to a meal, or try the Mushroom Pappardelle or Parmesan Parsley Fettuccine to add an extra boost of flavor to pasta night.

Another fun idea for foodies who hail from the East Coast is to pick up a dozen bagels at Cedar Street Bagel Company, at 316 N.E. Cedar St., in downtown Camas. The bagel shop, which opened in 2019, offers a taste of New York City in Southwest Washington by importing bagel dough handmade in the Big Apple and shipped immediately to Camas, where Cedar Street employees boil the dough into yummy bagels.The Pizza Bagel is an especially delectable. For more information, visit

Finally, the Attic Gallery in downtown Camas has a nice selection of ceramics for your foodie friends and family to use when enjoying a beautiful meal or nice cup of tea. Among our favorites are the Hashi ceramic bowls by artist Ted Norris, which retail for about $50 each and come in a variety of bright shades.

For the Classics

We all know friends and family whose style can be summed up in one word: classic. They have a timeless look that doesn’t rely on the latest trends and looks good in pretty much every situation. But buying for these stylish yet understated folks can be tricky. Luckily, one local store sort of specializes in all things “classic,” which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that this business has been a part of the Camas-Washougal community for many decades.

That’s right, we’re talking about the Pendleton store at 2 Pendleton Way in Washougal. Here you will find all sorts of clothing, blankets, home goods, accessories like winter gloves, scarves and hats, purses, backpacks, boots and even coffee mugs for the classic people on your holiday shopping list. Better still, the Washougal shop has a discount room that will delight your holiday budget as well as your classic friends.

Some of our favorites include the “Paloma” striped pouches and zipper bags, with their cheerful tassels and colorful pink, turquoise, blue and yellow design; the green-red-yellow-and-black stripes on cream background that makes up the Glacier National Park throw (part of Pendleton’s beloved “National Parks” product line; and the “Roaming Bison” socks, gloves and scarves that make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers. Prices vary. Visit for more information and gift ideas.

Other gift ideas for the “Classics” on your list:

Camas mugs handcrafted by artist Terri Axness and available at the Attic Gallery in downtown Camas, these one-of-a-kind, hand-built ceramic mugs depict historic scenes of Camas. Axness is in the process of making less expensive versions of the mugs, which will feature a single image instead of the original design, which wraps around the entire mug. The gallery also carries intricate and unique jewelry by artist Leslie McMillan, who uses the ancient art of Japanese silver leaf to create her wearable pieces of art.

Arktana, also located in downtown Camas at 415 N.E. Fourth Ave., has a new line of Vivante by VSA scarves designed in Barcelona, Spain, that look and feel luxurious but come with a pretty reasonable (under $50) price tag and are in shades of grey, taupe and camel, making them the perfect choice for a friend or partner with classic, timeless style.

For the Adventurers

If you’re looking for some unique gifts for the more adventurous folks in your life, Lutz Hardware at 505 N.E. Fourth Ave., in downtown Camas, has a few intriguing options.

Some of our favorites include the four-light Slyde flashlight that can illuminate even the darkest nights exploring the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and can be recharged using a USB cord. With four light options, including a 330-Lumen flashlight option, a 40-Lumen red light and a dimmer button, as well as a work light and a red hazard flashing light, this gadget (which retail for less than $35) is like the workhorse of all flashlights.

Another fun gift for the adventurous campers on your list — or for the little ones who beg to “camp” in the backyard during the warmer summer months — can also be found at Lutz Hardware. The LED Dimmable Blow Lantern is small enough to keep in the far corner of your tent, runs on AA batteries, has a dimmable control and turns off/on by blowing on it (valuable for those super dark nights when you can’t see past your nose much less find the “on” button on your lantern). Plus, with a retail cost of less than $5, this lantern is a cost-effective way to give something unique to all the adventurers on your list.

For the Music Lovers

If you know someone who loves records and you haven’t taken them to Chameleon Vintage and Vinyl yet, you need to run, not walk, to this fun, eclectic shop this holiday shopping season.

Owner Tracy Lanciault stocks half of her shop with vintage clothing and “vintage inspired” jewelry — and the other half with records that will please all walks of music lovers. Prices vary, but one recent shopping expedition netted two Roy Orbison records, one Tom Waits album and one Rolling Stones record for less than $40. Not sure about the sound quality? The shop also offers a listening station with a record player and headphones so customers can listen before they buy.