Letters to the Editor for Feb. 6, 2020

Readers weigh in on Washougal school tech levy, Camas principal's Kobe Bryant comment

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Washougal tech levy is ‘irresponsible’

As a stepparent of two children in the Washougal School District, I fully support the Educational Programs & Operations Levy on our February ballot. I do not support the Technology Levy.

While familiarity with computer technology is essential to our children’s success, WSD’s computer-centered curriculum, Amplify, includes far too much classroom screen time.

I have observed — at “take your parent to school day” — and heard from teachers at parent-teacher conferences that Amplify is restrictive, cumbersome and decreases hands-on learning for subjects like science.

My children and their friends are lukewarm-to-outright-critical toward Amplify: it’s boring; it’s glitchy; they’re waiting for teachers to troubleshoot with other students; they’re finding ways around the restrictions to play games or browse the internet during class.

Our children’s curriculum should be driven by their excellent teachers — not a company trying to sell as many software licenses as possible. Instead, we should increase funding for arts and physical education. Both have been shown in numerous studies to improve overall educational outcomes and combat the negative effects of screen time, which include increased incidence of ADHD, depression and anxiety.

The technology levy is a handout to tech companies and an irresponsible use of taxpayer money.

Emily Garcia,


Camas principal should resign after Bryant post

To Camas High School Principal Liza Sejkora: You have made a poor choice of words regarding a tragedy where numerous families’ and peoples’ lives were forever altered (see related story “Camas High principal apologizes for post about Kobe Bryant’s death” in the Feb. 6, 2020 issue of the Camas-Washougal Post-Record).

You have disrespected all of those who work with you and all the students in the Camas School District. Your best course of action would be to remove yourself and step down from your position.

I support freedom of speech, but when you hold the position that you do, you’re held to a higher standard, like it or not. Please do the right thing and resign.

Zach Goodman,


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