Public Health downgrades advisories at Camas lakes

Blue-green algae still present in Lacamas and Round lakes, but county officials say levels are low

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Clark County Public Health has downgraded toxic blue-green algae advisories at two Camas lakes from “danger” to “caution.”

Although cyanobacteria blooms, also known as blue-green algae, are still present at Lacamas and Round lakes, county officials say the most recent water samples show low levels of the toxins.

Blue-green algae can be harmful to humans if ingested or inhaled or through contact with the skin, and can be deadly to pets.

The county will replace danger signs at the lakes with caution signs, which will remain in place as long as the blue-green algae blooms are present.

Public Health will continue to monitor the lakes and take weekly water samples to test for toxins, andĀ advise people to continue to avoid direct contact with water in areas where floating blue-green scum is present.

Public Health officials also recommend:

  • Not swimming, water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking or canoeing in areas of scum.
  • Not drinking lake water.
  • Not letting animals come into contact with water in areas of scum.
  • Avoiding areas of scum when boating.
  • Cleaning fish well and discarding organs.

For more information, or to see current advisories, visit