Camas iSTEM Academy to honor moon landing with July 17 event

A local veteran and woman-owned Camas start up, iSTEM Academy, will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the 1969 Moon landing on Saturday, July 17.

The celebration will include family friendly activities, including crafting real Galileo type telescopes, a simulation of the moon’s motion and phases, and an exploration of a 15-by-15-foot map of the moon, awarded to the academy by the Aldrin Family Foundation in 2019 for excellence in STEM education and service to disenfranchised youth.

In addition, guests can sample some of iSTEM’s course materials, including Kamigami Robots, Foldscope microscopes, Gravity Falls inspired Ciphers, and more.

Participation is free, except for a $15 fee to use the telescopes.

iSTEM Academy is located at 2005 S.E. 192nd Ave., Ste. 101, Camas. Space is limited. To reserve space, visit