Camas launches program to help residents struggling to pay overdue utility bills

The city of Camas Finance Department is launching the Camas Assistance Program (CAP) to help qualifying residents who are struggling to afford utility payments.

CAP can provide financial support for eligible customers that are delinquent on a city of Camas utility bill. Qualifying households may receive one credit per 12 months toward a delinquent utility balance, up to a maximum of $250. Senior citizens may qualify and receive utility assistance twice in 12 months.

“We understand that times have been tough for many,” said city of Camas Finance Director Cathy Huber-Nickerson. “We also understand that for many, a little help even with one bill, can go a long way.”

Many residents may soon see a flier along with their utility bill that provides information on the program, including a checklist to determine qualifications. Some of those qualifications may include living in a household where income is limited or limited access to subsidized housing assistance.

For more information or to use the city’s benefit estimator tool, visit