Letters to the Editor for May 13, 2021

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Camas parents angry about masks, equity curriculum urged to ‘gather true facts’

Several parents of Camas students appeared at the School Board Meeting on Monday, May 10. They angrily objected to the Inclusive Curriculum policy the district has adopted, as well its mask-wearing requirements, which prevent COVID-19 transmission to students and teachers as long it remains a risk. 

Their presentations were loud, well-organized and applauded by a group of supporters. However, no speaker offered any reasonable rationale in support of their opposition. Their remarks were based on misinformation and alternative facts that frequently appear on social media. 

It is unfortunate that these parents do not understand and support the careful research the school district has done, in promoting principles of diversity and inclusion, which benefit all students — white and non-white, male and female, able-bodied and disabled, gifted and special-needs. 

Also, the district is to be applauded for working diligently to make education available to all students as long as COVID-19 remains a risk, while protecting students and teachers from contracting the disease by requiring masks. The objections of those who testified Monday evening were entirely baseless. 

I urge those parents to gather the true facts and reconsider their angry opposition. Their children deserve that reconsideration.

Sandra Gangle,


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