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Camas to host Crown Park improvements open house on Tuesday, May 17

Event will give community a chance to provide input on themes, elements of Crown Park water feature, inclusive playground

Illustration courtesy of the city of Camas An illustration shows "major features" included in the Crown Park Master Plan. The city of Camas will hold an open house at Crown Park at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 17, 2022, to discuss these options and other aspects of the master plan.

Camas Parks and Recreation will host an open house for the public as part of the Crown Park improvements process at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 17, at Crown Park, 120 N.E. 17th St., Camas.

Residents wishing to provide input on the themes and elements for the Crown Park water feature and inclusive playground, can do so during the May 17 open house.

Crown Park was originally donated to Camas in 1934 by Crown Willamette Paper Company and has been a primary gathering spot for the community for decades. The park is considered by many as the “crown jewel” of Camas’ parks system.

The Crown Park Master Plan was developed in 2018 to serve as a vision of the park for the next generation of users and has been used as a framework to guide future funding decisions. Earlier this year, the Camas City Council approved a 30% design contract to move the project forward. Camas Parks and Recreation is now ready to hear from the public to help refine the major park features outlined in the master plan.

Interested residents are encouraged to attend the open house, if possible. However, if residents are unable to attend the on-site open house, the Parks and Recreation department will share a version of the open house online via the City’s Engage Camas platform, at engagecamas.com/crown-park-improvements-30-design-process