Washougal to apply for grants to improve parks

The city of Washougal is seeking more than $100,000 of grant funding to improve the infrastructure at several of its parks.

The City is applying for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program local park grant from the Recreation and Conservation Office, asking for $35,000 to replace playground chips and ware mats at all city playgrounds, and $35,000 to replace its “outdated” lawn mower.

The Washington State legislature provided one-time funding in its operating budget to help local parks departments maintain their working facilities to meet the needs of their residents, Washougal parks manager Michele Wright told city council members during a workshop session on Monday, Aug. 28.

“This program will focus on helping communities in need address maintenance backlogs for key local parks facilities and capital improvements,” Wright said. “Accessed through a simple application process, grants can be used for general maintenance of things such as trails, restrooms, picnic sites, playgrounds, signs and kiosks.”

The City is also applying for a $40,000 grant from the The Community Outdoor Athletic Facilities fund, a new program that provides grants to build, expand, or renovate outdoor athletic facilities, according to Wright, to replace Hamllik Park’s baseball/softball dugouts.

“The program is uniquely focused on helping support meaningful athletic experiences in communities that lack recreational opportunities, have underserved populations, and possess limited financial capacity,” Wright said.