Letters to the Editor: March 28, 2024

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Weigh in on Clark County’s new rural event center task force

Clark County has a newly formed rural event center task force. The county’s community development director is leading a task force to explore possible code revisions in unincorporated Clark County. Issues to be contemplated include altering the current county code to allow property owners in R-5, R-10 and R-20 zones to engage in agri-tourism related activities not currently permitted.

I see many positive possibilities for farm tours, classes, photography, nature studies, etc. But there are also negative issues that will pit neighbor against neighbor, complaints to law enforcement and the county: amplified music, parking, drunk drivers and fire risk to name a few.

I urge all rural citizens, whether for or against, to offer their input on this issue. Clark County must proceed carefully and make sure there is proper language and staffing to address any problems that may arise. We either get involved now to help the Task Force make clearly defined, informed policy, or spend years trying to undo a mistake.

Skamania County is currently trying to fix a problem when they too changed the language of a County Code and a proposal for an “adventure park” popped up in the middle of a quiet residential area.

Many events are not allowed within city limits because noise and traffic will negatively impact neighbors. Make sure Clark County understands that rural homeowners have the same right to the peaceful enjoyment of our homes.

The first meeting was held March 14, in Ridgefield. For more information, visit

Sherri Irish,


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