OPINION: Remember Trump’s vote-by-mail lies in November

It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone listening, reading or watching news sources outside the right to far-right news bubble of FOX News, The Washington Times, OAN, The Epoch Times, National Review, etc., that our president and his upper-echelon supporters may be trying to sabotage the November general election by seeding doubt about vote-by-mail systems and destroying the United States Postal Service.

OPINION: Superintendents right to push for online school start

When the COVID-19 pandemic first shuttered schools in March, no one could have suspected that, five months later, local school superintendents would be pushing for an online start to the 2020-21 school year.

OPINION: July Cheers & Jeers

This month’s Cheers & Jeers is a little different in that we only have one of each, but since nothing in 2020 is even close to “normal,” we’re hoping our readers will forgive us.

OPINION: Camas officials need to return to pre-COVID transparency

The fact that the city of Camas finally has a city administrator ready to take the reins and lead day-to-day operations should come as welcome news.

OPINION: Really want to help businesses, teachers, community? Mask up

It is no surprise that issues surrounding COVID-19 safety precautions have become a sticking point between teachers’ union leaders and district administrators in Washougal.

OPINION: Leave school reopenings to those who know what they’re doing

OPINION: ‘Us versus them’ mentality won’t stop COVID-19

OPINION: June Cheers & Jeers

As far as local coverage goes, the month of June started out on a pretty positive note with front page stories in the June 4, 2020 Camas-Washougal Post-Record dedicated to those helping other community members survive the COVID-19 crisis.

OPINION: Local officials should follow McDonnell’s lead, leap into conversation about systemic racism

Anyone truly listening to the sheer pain, frustration and urgency coming out of the Black Lives Matter protests that have rocked this nation over the past three weeks, should know by now that the “same old, same old” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

OPINION: Armed response to fake “antifa” post more of a danger to community than any anti-fascist