Letters to the editor for Aug. 31, 2010

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Limiting conversation is detrimental

There is an ongoing effort to shut down political debate in Washougal. It appears coordinated and includes verbal complaints at council meetings and workshops, comments on local blogs, and letters to “The Columbian” and the “Camas-Washougal Post Record.”

Unfortunately, the intent of these efforts appears not to be to further political dialogue that will produce sound municipal policies. Rather, these efforts appear intended to limit the conversation.

Recent letters to the editor and comments at city council meetings and workshops have been primarily personal attacks on council members rather than reasoned considerations of the issues facing the city. Few facts are presented.

It is one thing to disagree on the issues, but quite another to stoop to personal attacks. The former aids the dialogue. The latter hinders it.

The way to combat such tactics is to provide fact-based, timely, and persuasive information on the issues. Such arguments merit consideration. Personal attacks do not.

Dave Shoemaker, Washougal councilman

BPA towers would ruin C-W

Recently, my wife and I had the pleasure to visit Camas to attend a “No Way BPA” meeting at the library. We took I-500 highway and drove the scenic neighborhoods and curvy highway leading into town. For us, it was a refresher on how beautiful your city is.

The Bonneville Power Administration’s tower plan would be devastating to your city. Along the approach to Camas we noticed old construction towers. Informed citizens told us that BPA plans to take down the existing small towers and on the same site erect the really huge 500kv towers. Also, if there are now two parallel towers, they will be replaced with two very tall towers.

Take the time to visit, “BPA,” and view the video of assembly and placement of these 500Kv towers by helicopter. It is a shocking look at what may be coming to your neighborhood.

We in Clark and Cowlitz counties are working hard to get this message out. Dedicated people who head up the citizens groups include neighbors of yours. Won’t you please join them to help preserve the beauty of your town and neighborhoods?

George Dill, Battle Ground

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