Letters to the Editor for Dec. 7, 2010

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A solution for airport security

I have a simple solution to the current airport body search flap sometimes referred to as being “felt-up.”

Have two planes ready for the same destination, one for those with safety concerns and a strong desire to land horizontally and not vertically and the other for those who just “don’t give a damn.”

John Raynor, Camas

Can Briggs get the job done?

After the nomination/appointment of Mike Briggs to the Planning Commission was tabled on Nov. 22, I decided to look him up on the web. After doing do so, I have some concerns about his ability to be a team player serving the city.

I found several negative opinions against council – in particular, Jon Russell. Briggs seems to be on a vendetta against him. I do realize that we all have the right to freedom of speech, but I have concerns about an individual that cannot handle their comments in a more diplomatic way. The use of four-letter words is totally unacceptable. Using gutter language not only lowers business standards, but creates animosity as well and creates an unworkable environment to get things done.

In the past, I worked for Cisco Systems (10,000 employees at that time). I was hired — not only for my qualifications — but for my ability to be a team player. I was the project engineer for several products. We had to work together; there could be no dissension in a group, no emotional negativism. The focus was to get the job done in the most effective way possible.

The question is: “Can Mr. Briggs get the job done without undermining the Planning Commission’s relationship with the Council and would he be a team player?”

Sherian Wright, Washougal

Did the city cut taxes last year?

If so who sponsored that move before the city council?

Could that money have been used this year to good use or do you think it better that it went back to the citizens then and now the city is such a crisis for funds and you are now talking about raising taxes again?

When you speak about the “necessity of the city to bite the bullet” do you think it will be the city who feels these clenched teeth the most or perhaps the citizens who utilize the social services, community education services, or the animal shelters?

I am curious. What do you think?

Mike Briggs, Washougal

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