Letters to the Editor for Nov. 30, 2010

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Council needs to drop personal agendas

I just read the article regarding the Washougal City Council tabling Mike Briggs’ appointment to the Planning Commission.

First, the interview and vetting process is open and inclusive.

Second, Mike speaks out and is very open on a lot of subjects because he cares and he wants to learn more. Whether Mike’s opinions are right or wrong, they are his opinions.

Part of being an elected official or a community volunteer is being able to take criticism for what it is — a challenge to better communicate.

I have read many of Mike’s blogs and I have witnessed his comments at public meetings, and I have never felt anything he said or wrote was a personal attack or “disparaging.” I have never 100 percent agreed with Mike, but I am glad he speaks up and shares.

If individual Council members cannot take the criticism or the heat, maybe they are not cut out to be elected officials. I challenge the Council to get back to representing the wants and needs of the 14,000-plus citizens of Washougal and drop their personal agendas.

Jeff Guard, Washougal

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