Letter to the Editor for Aug. 2, 2011

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Choose best qualified candidate

After reviewing the qualifications of the candidates for Washougal City Council Position 5 this year, I am endorsing Jennifer McDaniel. She is best qualified, an experienced leader, a dedicated and contributing current council member, and an outstanding member of our community.

Of the three candidates for Washougal City Council Position 5 this year, Jennifer McDaniel has far superior qualifications. She is currently serving on the council and will have four years of legislative experience by year’s end. She exhibits the maturity and judgment required of legislators.

Jennifer is recognized by her council colleagues as a leader. The council selected her this year to serve as mayor pro tempore, standing in for the mayor in his absence. Because of her interest in school matters, Jennifer was selected by her fellow city council members to be their liaison to the school board. She has performed that duty to the satisfaction of both the council and the school board. She has also served on key council committees, including Finance, Public Safety, and Community Development. In addition, she has served as council liaison to the Parks Board and the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce, and is currently the alternate Camas and Washougal representative to the Regional Transportation Council.

Jennifer shows up at each council meeting and workshop thoroughly prepared to contribute. She does her own research on issues and is a major participant in council deliberations. Her opinion is sought and respected by all council members, an unusual accomplishment in these days of partisan divisions in the body politic. She often renders the deciding vote on contentious issues, relying on the facts and guided by what is best for the city and its citizens.

Jennifer McDaniel is an integral part of the Washougal community, as a serving council member, an involved citizen, and a frequent volunteer in local activities and organizations. Among her many volunteer activities are the Girl Scouts, Meals on Wheels, and the Washougal Schools Foundation. Her past residence in other parts of the country is an asset because it provides knowledge of how other communities address municipal problems, or avoid them. She came to Washougal seven years ago, embraced it as her home, and dedicated herself to growing with the city. Jennifer McDaniel is the obvious best choice for Washougal City Council Position 5.

Dave Shoemaker, Washougal City Councilman

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