Letters to the Editor for Dec. 20, 2011

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Goodbye and good luck

I am not a long term resident and citizen of Washougal — only four years and counting. But in that time I could see a community in transition. A community looking to maintain and protect its heritage, but unfortunately, also afraid and hesitant to look toward the future for what it might bring, good or bad.

To help along this fine community, rich in the natural resources of exquisite beauty and of wonderful people, this community needs a strong and resilient city council to not only make laws but to represent the community in total and to be wise even if it is beyond their capabilities. In short, this council must reach beyond itself and to become one with dignity, grace, intelligence and wisdom.

Rod Morris’ time with this council, 16 years if I am correct, I look upon as a solid and consistent element within this council. He possessed such a long history and was so integrated within the community that his tenure was and will prove to be invaluable to this town and social community. I do hope Mr. Morris finds a way to keep up his image and contribution to Washougal.

Molly Coston to me represented what is good and descent in a person and in a politician. She gave a good example of what an every-day citizen can do if they put others first and always to remember, “How does this benefit my community?” Molly is what I wish most politicians could or would become. Washougal is losing a lot with Mrs. Coston’s departure. Like Rod Morris, I do so hope, that Molly can find a way to remain visible and viable in our community.

I always admired Michael Delavar’s single mindedness; determination and no one can doubt that he had the courage of his convictions. And true to the flyer’s code, I feel Mr. Delavar will always have landings he can walk away from.

Now is the time we citizens need to give this new council of 7, the time and patience required, to see if they might form a good and productive union for us all and to learn from the mistakes and of the successes of the good people that worked and struggled before them.

I now say goodbye to our old Council and good luck to our new City Council.

Mike Briggs


Festival of Trees a success

The Washougal Lions and the Washougal Festival of Trees committee would like to recognize the community, the schools, and most especially, to the businesses and organizations of Washougal (and our suburbs to the west), for supporting this year’s festival.

The second annual event raised over $3,200 that will go directly to the participating schools in the Washougal School District.

Wes Hickey of Washougal Town Square donated the space for the auction, Art Malfait of Washougal River Christmas Trees donated the trees for the festival, and the proprietors of Main Street Mercantile and Papa’s Ice Cream, Heidi and Bruce Kramer and Ivan Gering, gave their donations of time, creativity, energy, trees and gifts.

We offer congratulations to the winning bidders who got some great bargains in gift baskets and pre-decorated trees.

Congratulations, too, to the Excelsior students who created the most popular mural (No. 2), and to the Washougal School District office staff for creating the most popular tree, the beautiful Guardian Angel.

In times of economic hardship, it is heart-warming to see a community share with such generosity.

The committee is already busy planning the 2012 Festival of Trees and is looking for volunteers and representatives from other organizations to help make next year even more successful for the students in our schools.

We could not have done this without the enthusiastic support of our merchants. They came through with beautifully decorated trees and gift baskets, and we hope everyone in our community remembers to shop locally whenever possible.

Chuck Carpenter

Washougal Festival

of Trees chairman

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