Letters to the Editor for Jan. 4, 2011

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If allegations are true, Guard should resign

If found true, Mayor Guard should resign over the abuse of his perceived station and agency power by using emergency lights whilst driving a publicly owned vehicle outside the city limits of Washougal.

The state auditor should review Guard’s income and expenses involving the use of the retired police cruiser, including fuel and maintenance.

The council and city finance director should be reprimanded for allowing a small time mayor to have such privileges as personal use of a vehicle.

It is a privilege to serve the citizens, and both public officials, elected, appointed or hired recently in Washougal have been taking advantage of the real owners of the public corporation called “the City of Washougal.”

We the taxpayers, the stakeholder of the City, want and deserve good governance. We are seeing some very poor decisions both in governance and in simple judgment.

Mayor Guard — do the right thing. Resign.

Council — do the right thing, watch your judgments and dollars.

We don’t need more ex-mayors and finance directors that tarnish what is good about our little community.

The Washougal community deserves better.

Claude Rorabaugh, Washougal

Fern Prairie residents need to speak up

A public hearing for the Grove Field Airport Draft Environmental Assessment will be held on Jan. 11, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Port of Camas-Washougal located at 24 S. A St., Washougal.

I encourage all residents of the Camas-Washougal Port district, especially those living in our Fern Prairie neighborhood, to submit their comments and questions in writing to our port commissioners, and to also attend the hearing on Jan. 11.

Linda S. Busch Pfeifle, Camas (Fern Prairie)

Thinking about the homeless

Hi my name is Mika Norrish, I am a freshman at Camas High School. My friends and I were talking at lunch one day, and we got to thinking about the homeless. It really hit us hard. After talking about it, it actually got us to thinking that something needs to be done.

We contacted our principal and got permission to put on a blanket drive. We thought it be a good idea to keep the needy warm, and supply them with blankets this harsh winter. We will have bins for donations, located at the front of the school, and in the cafeteria. The blankets can be used or new, but in good condition. The blankets we collect will be donated to a homeless shelter in Portland, Ore.

If you could donate or help in any way it would help so much. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at

Mika Norrish, Camas

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