Letters to the Editor for March 1, 2011

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Commissioners can improve airport

Commissioner Bill Ward stated at a Feb. 15 Port meeting he doesn’t want to spend Federal Aviation Administration Trust Fund money for safety improvements to Grove because he believes it’s an expenditure for a special interest to benefit few.

Even though the project at Grove will be almost fully funded by the FAA, he seems uninterested in pursuing this valuable project, yet he is willing to dig into the pockets of his own residents to spend nearly $750,000 on improvements at the Marina to benefit a few special interest boaters. When questioned, Mr. Ward is unable to explain this inconsistent position.

Unlike the Marina, Grove Field has important regional significance in the areas of public safety, and emergency command and control in the event of a natural disaster. Grove Field is an asset for the entire region, benefitting citizens all over Southwest Washington, far beyond Port boundaries. It’s unfortunate Mr. Ward fails to understand this cogent argument.

Clark County Commissioners Stuart, Boldt and Mielke, along with State Sen. Zarelli and State Reps. Orcutt and Rivers support these safety improvements and urge Port commissioners to move forward. Additionally, Camas Mayor Pro Tem Scott Higgins and City Council members Smith and Chaney have also come out to publicly support this project.

Over the past couple of years, I have attended almost every C-W Port Commission meeting. Mr. Ward regularly pontificates about the importance of economic development, but remains blinded while an improved economic development plan at Grove Field is staring him directly in the face with the Airport Layout Plan.

More business and enterprise will spring up at Grove Field upon completion of a safer facility. Furthermore, an improved Grove Field will enhance the value and future marketability of the nearby North Lacamas area, which is zoned for light industrial in the City of Camas. What is Mr. Ward waiting for? This is his opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of improved economic development for the region.

Liz Pike, Fern Prairie

Fire department responded quickly

Four nights ago, my smoke alarm started tweeting at me.

It really gets your attention. My cat made a search for a trapped bird, just in case! That meant that the alarm would stop functioning as a smoke and fire signal in my home just any day.

Living in Washougal, I had heard that the Washougal Fire Department was especially interested in seeing that seniors and all families had working smoke and fire detectors. I called 835-2211, the Washougal Fire Department for non-emergency inquiries. I called to see if I could get help in installing a new alarm.

That same afternoon, a fire engine pulled up to my house and three fireman came to my door. They explained the large vehicle, because if a fire alarm came through while they were here, they would by ready to leave immediately for the emergency.

Chris, Butch and Adam were such nice representatives of the Washougal Fire Department. It is comforting to know that I (and my cat) can now sleep in peace at night.

Bernice Pluchos, Washougal

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