Letters to the Editor for Nov. 22, 2011

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Entire County should vote on C-Tran tax increases

There is no reason to be puzzled by the fact that voters approved the C-Tran Proposition 1 while favoring Initiative 1125 to limit tolling. If all voters where allowed to participate in the C-Tran vote, it’s likely Proposition 1 would have failed. A successful C-Tran vote was made possible through a cynical gerrymander.

In 2004, a C-Tran vote to raise the sales tax failed county-wide. Subsequently, in 2005, the C-Tran board gerrymandered the district down to exclude much of the county, and then their sales tax hike passed in 2005.

Like a fourth of County residents, I will pay the sales tax hike but had no vote — since nearly all retail is inside the C-Tran taxing district.

Let’s end the gerrymandered C-Tran taxing district! This is only possible if we elect County Commissioners and city leaders who will respect the voice of all Clark County voters, not just the ones who agree with them.

Liz Pike, Camas

Shop local this holiday season

As we start another holiday season, I would urge everyone to think “local” when you shop, supporting our many wonderful local businesses.

Each of the last several years I have made the attempt to buy only in Washougal and Camas for Christmas. While not 100 percent successful and while my purchases did not always match wish lists exactly, I don’t believe the recipients were disappointed at all.

If you give it a little thought, you will be amazed at the items you can find at Bi-Mart, True Value, Lutz Hardware, Runyan’s and other shops, not to mention gift cards at our many local restaurants.

Especially in a year when major road projects have impacted our local businesses, please think local first when you shop. Resist those Black Friday sales and save time and gas by supporting our own businesses.

Sean Guard, Washougal

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