Letters to the Editor for Sept. 13, 2011

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Maintain neighborhood friendly programs and regulations

Camas is fortunate to have a variety of quality and livable neighborhoods. Some are new and some have been established and maintained for many years.

The Evergreen Terrace neighborhood is one that has been in existence for many years. Developing, improving and maintaining that area has been the result of the continued concern and efforts of the property owners and the concern and actions of City committees, commissions, council, and staff. With the exception of two church properties (and there has been a church in the 1000 block on Fourth Avenue for years), there has been little change in the neighborhood from Hayes Street east for many years; the neighborhood has been very stable.

The application to hold special events at the main Farrell House is not considered neighborhood friendly by many of the residents of the Evergreen Terrace neighborhood.

Information I have viewed indicates the residents of the only other house on the block (another former Farrell house) are opposed; a majority of the residents facing the large Farrell house on three sides are opposed (a church is on the south side); and a substantial majority of the Evergreen Terrace Neighborhood are opposed.

Many of these people have appeared at public meetings to express their opposition and reasons for their opposition.

The application for the larger Farrell house should not be approved by the City Council.

The current property owners should be encouraged to work with a neighborhood committee to develop a different plan. Many historic homes in other communities have occasional open houses and some offer tours for small groups. Some also have occasional events (the Camas plan for temporary event permits would seem to be a fit with these).

I am not a current resident of the area, but I know it well. I lived at 926 N.E. Fourth Ave., for 20 years (1930s, 1940s, 1950s) and my mother continued living there into the 1960s. My sister was a sitter for the Farrell grandchildren (when they lived in the smaller house). Some current residents of the neighborhood include families that date back to that time, while there are many more recent arrivals. Evergreen Terrace continues to be a desirable neighborhood and needs neighborhood friendly policies.

Bob Howe, Camas

Freeman is a fiscal conservative

As a candidate for Washougal City Council, I was very gratified for the support I received from our community’s citizens. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t garner enough votes to compete in the General Election.

In considering the two candidates for position seven, Connie Jo Freeman and Molly Coston, there were a number of areas I felt needed evaluating, e.g., core values, fiscal responsibility, and desire to improve the community.

Ms. Coston has a history of participation in community affairs, is pleasant in her demeanor towards others, and I believe, she is sincere in her desire to serve.

Ms. Freeman has actively served as well, and brings a fresh approach to the needs of Washougal. Her personal values and standards are high. She is clearly a fiscal conservative.

While both candidates have a desire to better the community. I feel Ms. Freeman will serve the citizens more effectively. In my campaign, I indicated that it is time for a change. Because it is time for a change, I would recommend Washougal voters elect Connie Jo Freeman to position seven of the Washougal City Council.

Hugh R. Roberts, Washougal

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