Downtown Camas: Its transformation continues

With a recent infusion of excitement and purpose, the downtown Camas area is entering a new phase in its journey from a sleepy downtown without a whole lot to offer into what many hope will eventually be a thriving downtown that is bustling on a daily basis.

The people, tools and enthusiasm are in place to get there.

As detailed in an article in today’s Post-Record, leading the charge is the still strong Downtown Camas Association, with the help and expertise of two recently hired employees who will be handling marketing, promotion and programming. These are all areas that have developed steadily during the past decade, and now seems like just the right time to take efforts to the next level.

Downtown Camas has seen some incredible changes, particularly in the past 12 years since the most recent revitalization effort was launched. The transformation is truly incredible, and the area has been brought to life — although there are still struggles to endure and challenges to overcome.

With the continued enthusiasm and dedication from all of the partners involved, the next decade in downtown Camas could bring even more positive changes and investments.