Letters to the Editor for Oct. 9, 2012

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Where is the justice?

Our Constitution states “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice,…” Yes, “to establish Justice” is stated in our Constitution. Where is “justice” in a tax code that allows millionaires and corporations to pay a smaller percentage of federal income taxes than our working citizens?

Where is ‘Justice’ when some corporations pay no federal taxes and many receive refunds. How is that possible? Hard working Americans pay an average of 20.7 percent federal taxes. Corporations are paying the smallest percentage of their income in federal taxes in 40 years, about 14 percent, because of loop holes and tax exemptions.

Where is “Justice” when Rep. Jamie Herrera swears an oath to a millionaire, Grover Norquist to “never to raise taxes,” which includes closing tax loop holes.

Rep. Jamie Herrera swore an oath as the “people’s representative” from Washington, “to establish Justice.” That includes tax Justice in our tax codes and closing loop holes and exemptions.

Which oath does she honor? In her fist two years, Jamie honored her oath to Grover Norquist.

Celia Louderback,Vancouver

Elect Boldt

As the former county commissioner for district 2, I couldn’t be more proud to call Marc Boldt “my” commissioner. I have heard many voters express disdain for those candidates who mount negative campaigns and, in doing so, find it necessary to stretch the truth and even spread outright lies about their opponent. Marc’s opponent is doing just that.

In the public sector little gets done with confrontation but much can be accomplished by reasonable, rational people who exchange ideas and opinions respectfully. Unfortunately one candidate seems to have more money than good judgment and continues to inaccurately attack Marc Boldt. Voters want more than mudslinging, Mr. Madore. We want someone representing us who will weigh all the facts and consider our opinions rather than just persisting in blindly pursuing his own version of the “facts.”

Marc Boldt understands how to be a representative of those he serves and has done an admirable job of listening to us and making decisions with his constituents in mind. Please join me in voting to re-elect Marc Boldt as our county commissioner.

Judie Stanton, Vancouver

Boldt is open-minded

Early on in this year’s election cycle, I decided I wanted to keep most of my endorsements to myself. In the case of Commissioner Marc Boldt, however, I’m very happy to be outspoken in my support.

Marc has worked hard for nearly two decades – including service in the state legislature and two terms on the county commission – to keep Clark County a great place to live and work. He works across party lines – which I really like to see – and stands up for what he believes in, but more importantly he listens and learns before he makes decisions. In a time when political extremism is threatening to tear down our nation,

Marc is doing exactly what we all want our leaders to do – working for all of us.

I appreciate Marc’s open-mindedness, his sense of what’s important, and his common-sense approach to public leadership in which he puts Clark County first – not his party – and I wholeheartedly support him in his efforts for another term as a Clark County commissioner.

I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Nelson Holmberg, Vancouver

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