Letter to the Editor for Oct. 30, 2012

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Vote ‘yes’ on Referendum 74

As a photographer’s wife, my husband and I have helped out at more weddings than we can count. We have worked all over the state of Washington while photographing couples both gay and straight.

And while every wedding is unique, there are some things that are universal for every couple we serve.

Every couple we work with, gay or straight, has similar worries: Can we afford this? How do I look? Will your aunt be coming? Is she going to be late?

Every couple we work with, gay or straight, has similar dreams: to support each other in sickness and in health. To have the perfect wedding. To grow old together.

Every couple, gay or straight, tell us they are marrying for similar reasons: to build a life with the person they love. To stand in front of friends and family and make a lifelong commitment.

Even the photos are similar. They show two people looking into each other’s eyes with relief, awe, appreciation, excitement, joy and love. They show friends and family crying tears of pride and joy.

Attending these weddings and befriending people both gay and straight, I’ve come to the conclusion that love is love, no matter the gender of the person you choose.

Each wedding I attend makes me think of my own, and I simply cannot imagine being told that I couldn’t marry the person I love. Can you empathize with the difficulty of finding that one person and then being denied the chance to say, “I do?” I’ve come to the conclusion that I would never want to stand in the way of anyone else’s happiness. Life is hard enough without denying people the opportunity to marry the person they’ve chosen to spend their life with.

If a couple, gay or straight, is willing to stand up in front of family and friends to make a commitment to grow old with each other and to take care of each other in marriage, I want to give them that chance. I believe everyone deserves that love. And everyone deserves an album full of photos capturing the day they committed to spend their lives with that one special person.

As Camas residents, my husband and I have decided to vote yes on Referendum 74. I hope you join us.

Kimberly Skach, Camas

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