Washougal candidates move to general election

Approximately 14 percent of local voters cast ballots in Aug. 6 primary

Longtime Washougal School Board chairman Blaine Peterson will face challenger Jeanie Moran in the Nov. 5 general election; while incumbent Washougal City Councilman Paul Greenlee will be up against Lisa D. Voeltz.

Peterson and Moran each received the highest percentage of votes cast in the primary election on Aug. 6, with 57.43 and 23.45 percent, respectively. Eva-Maria Mull received 18.71 percent.

Greenlee received 52.21 percent of votes cast, while Voeltz took 32.82 percent. George Kolin received 14.16 percent.

In races with three or more candidates, the two candidates receiving the most votes move on to the Nov. 5 general election.

In the City Council primary, approximately 14.65 percent of registered voters cast ballots. In the School Board race, approximately 14.21 percent cast ballots.

For more elections information, visit www.clark.wa.gov/elections.