Kimi Knight continues family tradition of perfect attendance

Staying the course

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Kimi Knight is the third child in her family to have perfect school attendance. She will continue her education at Clark College this fall.

When Kimi Knight walks across the stage at Camas High School’s commencement ceremonies, she’ll be continuing a proud family tradition.Not only did her two older sisters, Hillary and Allie, graduate as Papermakers, but they had perfect attendance during all their years of school.

Come Friday, so will Kimi.

“I’ve just never gotten sick, and when I have, it is always on weekends or over break,” Kimi said. “When I have a doctor’s or orthodontist appointment, I schedule it after school.”

That’s no easy feat when you take into consideration that Kimi is a three-sport athlete, who competed on the school’s cross country, basketball and track teams.

“I’m proud and happy to continue this tradition,” she said. “I think I’ve stayed so healthy because I exercise, take vitamins and drink plenty of water.”

Good advice, for sure, but there’s also the added incentive of not wanting to be “that” kid in the Knight family.

“My parents (Nadine and Kelly) really encourage us to do our best, and I didn’t want to let them down,” Kimi said.

Hillary, who graduated in 2008, was the first student in Camas history to never miss a day. Allie continued the family tradition last year. Now, it is Kimi’s turn.

“I looked to my older sisters for inspiration,” she said.

She expects her three younger siblings, Stephanie, Mikey and Rebecca, to continue the family tradition.

“I know it’s really helped me never to miss school,” Kimi said. “I never had to worry about making up tests or important projects.”

This fall, she’ll continue her education at Clark College. Kimi will also play basketball, and participate in track and cross country. Her former high school coach, Mike Hickey, will be her college coach for cross country.

“I am really looking forward to it because I don’t have to get used to a new coach,” she said. “He knows my strengths and weaknesses.”

One would venture to guess that dedication is one of those strengths, after 2,160 days of solid school attendance.

“I’m pretty proud of this,” Kimi said.