Camas bowling team doubles in numbers

Chartrand looks to build on district title

Twenty-one bowlers are crashing the pins for the Papermakers.

Head coach Doug Huegli said that’s almost twice as many Camas girls as the team had last year.

“The first goal has been obtained. We have a large program,” he said. “Our next goal is to hone their skills so we can have a large and strong program.”

Porsche Chartrand, the reigning 4A district champion, returns for her final season of high school bowling after finishing in eighth place at the state tournament. The CHS senior recently sent an application and a video to the Calumet College of St. Joseph, in Whiting, Ind. She plans to visit the school during spring break.

“Knowing that I have to chance to be on a college team is pretty motivating in general,” Chartrand said. “I just want to pick up from where I left off last year. My goal is state.”

Huegli hopes this will be a smashing season for Chartrand. She rolled a personal best score of 257 in her first game of the season.

“That sets the tempo. It says that she is going to be a force to be reckoned with,” Huegli said. “She has matured as a bowler and person over the last three years. That combination should lead to more success.”

Chartrand planted the seeds for a Papermaker bowling team when she met with former athletic director Terry Cavender. As the program begins its third season, Chartrand couldn’t be more thrilled with the growth.

“Watching the team go from barely having enough girls to compete to having a C-team this year is really exciting,” she said. “I’m just ecstatic to see all these girls try this and actually have fun in something they never thought could be a school sport.”

Returning bowlers Emma Clow and Katie Hull did a lot of recruiting around campus. They also wore their bowling shirts to the Camas football games.

“Last year, there was just enough people to fill out the team,” Clow said. “This year, it’s become more competitive. I earned my spot on varsity.”

“We have such a huge school, so we hope this is a place where people can come and feel like they belong,” Hull said. “We just want to make more friends.”

Huegli said Clow and Hull bring a lot of energy to the team as sophomores.

“Both of them foster that sisterhood mentality,” he said. “They understand their place, and that they are a core of the team. They may not be the top bowlers just yet, but they are bowlers I will always count on.”

One of the newcomers on the team is Chartrand’s sister, Shelby.

“Her and I are bowling seven days a week,” Porsche said. “We both have so much fun. There should be a competitive component, but there isn’t. I hope she makes it to state like I did my first year.”