Letter to the Editor for Oct. 1, 2013

Martha Martin is the right choice for ECFR

Your Sept. 24 editorial sheds necessary light on an awkward situation at East County Fire & Rescue. No one argues that the work of ECFR is crucial and essential. However, it’s just as essential to question how much money — tax money — an organization needs to do its work.

It appears ECFR Commissioners Martha Martin and Mike Berg are asking those questions of their own organization. Their opposition to putting a bond measure in the upcoming election is telling, not only of their perception of ECFR’s finances, but that they are willing to police the very organization they help manage. I commend that.

Martin, who’s up for re-election this year, has long been an advocate for government transparency as proven by her work with Concerned Citizens in Action. Taxpayers benefit from that mindset, from people who are willing to be the watchdog. Accordingly, voters would be wise to keep Martha Martin on the ECFR Board.

Steve Carroll, Washougal