Camas pool will have new manager

City Council approves Lacamas Swim & Sport as new operator

The Camas Municipal Pool will have a new manager come summer.

Last night, the Camas City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Lacamas Swim & Sport to operate the pool. It could open as early as Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting.

“Swimming is important for everyone to learn and if the pool doesn’t stay open, then it overloads our club,” owner Denise Croucher said.

For the past several years, the pool has cut its summer season short due to budget constraints. In addition, the city’s pool manager retired, and it is challenging to find someone who has the necessary certifications to operate the pool and hire staff, according to City Administrator Pete Capell.

“This is a change from the way we’ve done business in the past, and it’s clearly something Pete [Capell] and I have been very happy to propose,” said Mayor Scott Higgins.

He thanked the council for supporting the contract.

“Anytime you can open the pool longer for our community, I get really excited,” Higgins said. “This agreement allows us to get this pool open potentially as soon as Memorial Day weekend and have public swim times all of the way through to Labor Day weekend. That has not happened for many, many years, due to financial constraints.”

There will be a slight increase in fees for swim lessons, from $57 to $65 per session, and drop-in usage fees will increase by 50 cents. This is due to the increase in Washington state minimum wage, which took effect in January.

Those who purchase a season pass for $99 to $129 will not pay drop-in fees and will receive a $20 discount on swim lessons and 25 percent off of youth swim team rates. Season pass holders will also have several classes included in the price of membership.

Additionally, children who participate in the CSD free- and reduced lunch programs will receive lessons in levels 1-3, for 50 percent off.

As per the agreement, the city will be responsible for the structural components of the swimming pool, including water treatment, heating and other mechanical equipment and facilities. The city will also supply pool chemicals and pay utility bills.

Lacamas Swim & Sport would receive all revenue generated from operation of the pool, including admission fees, swimming lessons, special program fees and concession revenues.

The pool will offer traditional swimming lessons, family swim time, lap swimming and camps, but there are also plans to expand offerings and sell concessions. New opportunities will include water polo, triathlon swim training, a summer league swim team, masters’ program, water aerobics and a “Silver Splash” program for senior citizens. Croucher is also offering an ASB swim, where families purchase a $20 per-person pass from their respective school and swim every Sunday afternoon. The schools keep the money.

A schedule will be posted to

The Camas Municipal Pool was built in 1954. It is situated in Crown Park, 120 N.E. 17th Ave., and features three pools – a large pool, junior pool and baby pool. It also offers boys’ and girls’ changing rooms, showers and restrooms.