Papermaker crashes pins with the best

CHS bowler brings home eighth place medal from state

Shelby Chartrand crashed pins with the best bowlers in the state and walked away with an eighth-place medal Friday, at Tacoma Narrows Plaza Bowl.

The 14-year-old Camas High School freshman rose above 61 other bowlers with a 1,120 series. She rolled games of 168, 170, 180, 187, 192 and 223.

“Every single game, she improved up to that 223,” said coach Doug Huegli. “As the day progressed, she just got stronger and bowled with confidence. It was fun to watch.”

Chartrand also snagged seventh place at the district tournament Jan. 30, at Allen’s Crosley Lanes in Vancouver. She bowled games of 170, 174 and 183 for a 527 series.

Camas finished in fifth place at districts with a combined total of 3,424 points. Battle Ground won the six-team scramble with 4,104 points.

Once her ticket to state had been punched, Chartrand enjoyed the rest of the day rotating frames with her teammates during the seven baker games. Shelby tossed her third strike in a row for a “turkey,” right after her sister Porsche threw a strike.

“It was a long day, and that was a nice way to end it,” Shelby said.

The only way the day could have ended better is if both Shelby and Porsche qualified for state together. Porsche missed her opportunity by five pins.

“To team up with my sister was great,” Shelby said. “It was nice to work together for once.”

Shelby looks to her sister for inspiration. Porsche won the district tournament in 2013 and earned eighth at state. She also spearheaded the start of the bowling program at the high school in 2012.

“I just want to continue where she left off,” Shelby said.

Bowling helps Chartrand make more friends. She hopes to see more Papermakers trying out the sport in the years to come.

“I’ve had so many laughs with these people,” Chartrand said. “They make me a better bowler.”

Strikes were Chartrand’s friend at the state bowling tournament. She rolled three of them in a row during the 10th frame of her final two games.

“Whenever I get a strike, I remember what victory feels like,” Chartrand said. “It either starts a game off right or ends it well.”

Coaches Huegli and Con Tornow believe Chartrand has a bright future in the alleys. This is only the beginning.

“We want to see her return with as much emotion and passion that she has for the game,” Huegli said. “Whenever she has a great series, she celebrates, gets fired up and wants to keep going. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing.”