Therapeutic Associates adds Camas location

Clinic director specializes in migraines and manual therapy

Camas is the newest location for a Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy practice.

With more than 80 locations in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, Therapeutic Associates Inc., is a physical therapist-owned and operated partnership of clinics.

Lindsy Palisca, director of the local clinic, specializes in running/footwear analysis, vestibular disorders, temporomandibular dysfunction and migraines.

Other programs and services include ASTYM, athletic screens, injury prevention, orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation and performance training.

Palisca also provides physical fitness exams, runners injury prevention screenings and work kinetics.

“I enjoy getting to spend quality time with my patients, getting to know them and figuring out what interventions they need specific to their life and their goals,” she said.

Palisca also likes promoting health and wellness in the community, to help people keep moving.

Front Office Coordinator Jessica Groff has worked for Therapeutic Associates since 2010. She is a physical therapy aide and a personal trainer.

The Therapeutic Associates office includes a gym area, two treatment rooms and a wellness station with bands and balls for resistance exercises. There is also a treadmill, an upper body bike, a recumbent bike, a spin bike and the “Rebounder” — which patients use to work on their balance and core training.

Products available to purchase on site include exercise balls, massage rollers, weights, resistance tubing and Superfeet orthotics.

Palisca previously provided physical therapy services at the Therapeutic Associates Cedar Hills clinic, in Portland. She received her doctorate of physical therapy in 2009, from A.T. Still University, in Arizona. Palisca is an adjunct faculty member at the university’s doctorate of physical therapy program.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise sports science, at Oregon State University, in 2005.

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Camas, 3180 N.E. Third Ave., is open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call 335-9033, email or visit