Tough night in Panther town

White Salmon spoiled Washougal’s return to Fishback Stadium by scoring the winning touchdown in the final minutes of the fourth quarter Friday.

The Bruins then intercepted a final pass by the Panthers to secure a 14-7 victory.

Washougal and White Salmon were unable to score any points in the first half. The Bruins threatened early on, but Monte Georgianna picked off a pass for the Panthers in the end zone. Garrett Duey, Tristan Roseff and Zack Neketuk racked up yards and first downs, but Washougal couldn’t sustain any of these drives.

White Salmon received the ball after halftime. The Bruins spun their wheels and punted, but Washougal was called for a roughing the kicker penalty. White Salmon would punt again. The ball took a crazy bounce, hit off the leg of a Panther and the Bruins recovered. White Salmon took advantage of this third opportunity and scored a touchdown.

Washougal tied the game up in the fourth quarter on an 18-yard touchdown run by Duey. The drive started with a big punt return by Brandon Casteel.

The Bruins received the ball on their own 19-yard line, completed four first downs and then crossed the end zone to take the lead for good.

Washougal (1-1) hosts Ridgefield in its first league game Friday, at Fishback Stadium. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.